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Thank You Dertoit
Thank you for joining us at POWER Dallas/Fort Worth. We received tremendous feedback on the participant evaluation forms.
We believe that the intimate environment of POWER programs provides a unique atmosphere for networking and exchanging ideas and best practices. Thank you Southwest Airlines for hosting the 3rd annual program, and AT&T, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and KPMG for your continued partnership.
Joyce Roché – Keynote
Author and Former CEO of Girls Inc.
Nothing has a greater impact on your career than self-doubt.
To overcome/deal with the impostor syndrome, you can learn how to “quiet the voice” or you are living in constant stress.
Find someone you trust, who knows your abilities, to “talk you down” and help you quiet the voice.
When a new career opportunity is presented and “the voice” rises up, take time to think about what led to the promotion or other opportunity.
Accept compliments. When someone gives you a compliment, “be quiet” and let it sink in.
Internally validate yourself.
Our career comprises so much of our life that is important that we find joy in it!
Women on Boards
When a critical mass (three or more women) occurs on a board, women are heard.
Most boards recruit for skills that reflect where the organization wants to grow to ensure sustainability, i.e. technology.
Most boards are looking for more diverse perspectives – brought by skills and experience, gender and race – in the boardroom.
You gain a great deal from board service.
Corporate boards and boards of large, powerful not-for-profits still fall short of adequate representation of women, but you can use your influence as a consumer, shareholder, or employee to push for change.
In selecting a not-for-profit board:
Consider volunteering first to learn the culture of the organization.
Make sure the board reflects the community that they serve.
Select an organization whose mission is personally important to you.
To be chosen for board membership – not-for-profit or for profit:
Make a plan and target appropriate organizations/corporations for what you offer.
Learn as much as possible about board responsibilities and requirements.
Become known for your expertise.
Network and make your interests known.
Reference materials
The Empress Has No Clothes: Conquering Self-Doubt to Embrace Success, Summary of Keynote Speaker Joyce Roche's book
Critical Mass on Corporate Boards: Why Three or More Women Enhance Governance, Summary of Research by Thought Leader Vicki Kramer
Getting More Women on Corporate Boards: Why You Should Care and What You Should Do, POWER article by Thought Leader Vicki Kramer
The Nonprofit Life Is No Party by panelist Lisa Singleton
Nonprofit Boards Offer Career Boosts for Executives, Joann S. Lublin, Wall Street Journal
Thirty Percent Coalition website
POWER Dallas/Fort Worth program booklet
Leading Without Intimidating
L to R: Vicki Kramer, President, Thirty Percent Coalition, Joyce Roché, Author and Former CEO of Girls Inc., Ellen Torbert, President, Diversity & Inclusion, Southwest Airlines, Katherine Findlay, Vice President, Internal Audit, Southwest Airlines, Laura Nieto, Director, Community Affairs & Grassroots, Southwest Airlines, Jennifer Stewart, Senior Manager and Assistant General Counsel, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Patty Greene, Manager, Community Affairs & Grassroots, Southwest Airlines, Deirdre Joy Smith, Founder & CEO, POWER: Opening Doors for Women®, Emma Preston, Partner, KPMG, Jenifer Robertson, Senior Vice President, Technology Strategy & Portfolio Implementation, AT&T, Jennifer De La Torre, Executive Director Risk Management, Finance, AT&T.
Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Unconscious Bias
L to R: Lisa Singleton, Director, Brunswick Group, Joyce Roché, Author and Former CEO of Girls Inc., Vicki Kramer, President, Thirty Percent Coalition, AJ Barkley, Senior Vice President, Associate Market Executive, Merrill Lynch.
We look forward to seeing you in November 2017!
Deirdre Joy Smith
Founder & CEO
POWER: Opening Doors for Women®
and the entire POWER team
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