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Thank You London
Thank you for attending The Brexit Threat and Beyond as part of POWER London 2016.
We want to thank our presenting sponsor, CMS, and Fiona Woolf and the entire team for their support of our London programme.
Thank you to Alex for a thought-provoking analysis of the Brexit threat and the implications if the referendum passes. Thank you to Vicky for your insightful economic analysis and to Catherine for chairing the discussion.
Takeaways from keynote speaker Alex White,
Country Analysis Director, Economist Intelligence Unit
Our view unequivocally is that a Vote to Remain will prevail. Five key pillars support this view – setting aside all the economic rationale, which typically does not affect decisions in the polling booth.
1) Status Quo Bias: Voters have a strong tendency to stick with what they know vs. leaping into the unknown.
2) Clarity of Message: Voters must be persuaded to take the leap. The Vote to Remain's campaign message is clear: A vote to leave is a good risk. Why take a risk? Whereas, the Leave campaigns have mixed and slightly contradictory messages.
3) Credibility of Leadership: Popular national leaders’ support for Remain are viewed as more credible than the position taken by Mayor Johnson, despite his popularity.
4) Past referenda results all point to no change.
5) Polls are more credible this time and indicate voters will support remaining in the EU.
Front (L to R): Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Advisor, Centre for Economics and Business Research; Catherine McGuinness, Deputy Chairman, Policy & Resources Committee, City of London; Deirdre Joy Smith, Founder and CEO, POWER: Opening Doors for Women
Back (L to R): Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna, and Lord Mayor of London (2013-2014); Alex White, Country Analysis Director, Economist Intelligence Unit
In closing, we want to recognize our programme sponsors:
CMS, ITW, Lear, Baker and McKenzie, AT&T, LLOYD's
Deirdre Joy Smith,
Founder & CEO, POWER: Opening Doors for Women®
Michella Goodwin-Garcia
Durre Muhammad
Lisa Wilder
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